The Ralph's Transmission logo with 5 stars.Henry drives a 2006 GMC Sierra with more than 180,000 miles on it. He recently began experiencing some transmission problems. The truck was having trouble staying in gear. At first, it was mainly the shift between 3rd and 4th gear that was slipping, but eventually the truck wouldn’t drive at all unless he manually put it in low gear with the tow/haul switch turned on. Henry knew something was wrong and the transmission would likely have to be rebuilt, so he called the Central Valley transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission. We had his Sierra towed to our shop for a free inspection and diagnostic testing.

“Called Ralph’s transmission in Modesto, CA about having the transmission on my truck rebuilt and they did an amazing job,” Henry says. “I live in Merced, CA and they had my truck towed to their shop at no cost on the same day I called them about having them do work on the transmission.”

The diagnostic tests didn’t reveal any fault codes, but the transmission inspection revealed that the transmission fluid was extremely burnt. This is a common sign of internal damage, especially in conjunction with the slipping gears and lack of power Henry was already experiencing. Our technicians pulled the transmission for a complete internal inspection.

A number of problems were found inside Henry’s GMC transmission. The 3-4 clutch was significantly damaged along with the pump assembly. Further inspection revealed a damaged torque converter, shift solenoids and a variety of other compromised parts that needed to be replaced. This is a common concern with transmissions. One damaged part can have a snowball effect and eventually cause more and more issues.

We recommend a full custom transmission rebuilt to replace all the damaged components and get the transmission running like new again. We perform all transmission rebuilds in-house at Ralph’s Transmission and they are always backed by our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty to give customers added peace of mind.

“I highly recommend Ralph’s Transmission to anyone,” Henry adds.”They have the best warranty—3 years/100,000 miles—compared to anyone else and their customer service is AWESOME!!! THANK YOU RALPH’S TRANSMISSION for getting my truck back on the road!”

Thank you, Henry, for putting your faith in Ralph’s Transmission and for sharing your feedback in this wonderful Google review.

If you are in the Central Valley area and are experiencing transmission problems, call the local experts of Ralph’s Transmission at 209.526.1909. We’ll inspect your transmission for free and let you know exactly what we find and recommend. You can also book your service appointment online.

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