A person drives a classic 1950's car down an open desert road.It’s no secret that it gets hot around the Central Valley in the summer. It can be sweltering, and this can be rough on your vehicle. It’s a good idea to get your cooling system checked out, as well as your air conditioning system. One automotive issue often overlooked heading into the hot summer months is the transmission. The excess heat outside causes all automotive systems to work a little harder, including your transmission.

Free Transmission Inspection

Whether it’s your daily driver, a truck that is carrying/towing heavy loads, a work vehicle, an RV, or any vehicle used for a summer road trip, you want to make sure your transmission is in good shape. The best way to do this is to bring it into Ralph’s Transmission for a free inspection. Our experienced transmission technicians will run diagnostic tests and perform a thorough external inspection of the transmission. If any problems are found, we will let you know our recommended services.

Transmission Fluid

One of the primary things we look at is the transmission fluid. We look at the fluid levels as well as the quality of the fluid itself. If it is discolored, burnt or full of contaminants (water, dirt, metal shavings, etc.), it is usually a clear sign that you are at least overdue for a standard transmission service. We will replace the transmission filter and pan gasket, clean the pan and fill it with fresh transmission fluid that will help keep your transmission healthier.

Bad-looking transmission fluid can also be the sign of more significant internal damage. So can an obvious transmission fluid leak. If you are experiencing any transmission issues like slipping out of gear, there may be something wrong inside the transmission. In this case, we may recommend a full internal inspection. This will involve removing the transmission from the vehicle, so we can look inside and carefully inspect all the key components.

Peace of Mind

It’s good to have peace of mind heading into the summer months when you will likely be driving more and putting more strain on all your vehicle’s vital mechanical systems. Your transmission needs special attention and care in the Central Valley heat, so trust the team at Ralph’s Transmission to keep it running right!

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