A series of vehicles lifted up on hydraulics for maintenance to be performed.Matt drives a 2018 Ford Expedition and was recently having some drive issues. The vehicle was slow to shift out of park, and then would sometimes lurch awkwardly at slow speeds. The maintenance light also came on a couple times, but wouldn’t stay illuminated. Matt thought he might have a transmission problems, so he brought his SUV into Ralph’s Transmission for free diagnostic testing and a transmission inspection.

“If there is a more professional shop out there I haven’t found it yet,” Matt writes in his Google review. “The staff at Ralph’s were extremely professional, friendly and quick.”

The road test confirmed some of the issues that Matt was describing and diagnostics revealed a couple of fault codes relating to the powertrain control module. Physical inspection showed that the transmission fluid was full, but discolored. There was also a radiator coolant leak that needed to be addressed. Ultimately, it was determined that the valve body needed to be replaced on the transmission. A general auto repair facility was recommended to address the coolant leak.

Matt declined further service at Ralph’s Transmission for the time being because he knew some of these items may still be covered by his dealership. We are always happy to offer an initial inspection and diagnosis for any customers. After that, it’s up to you if you want to proceed with any recommended repair and maintenance services. There is no further obligation beyond the free transmission inspection.

“Ralph’s helped me diagnose a transmission issue and helped me hold my dealership accountable for repairs,” Matt adds. “Ralph’s did a free diagnostic of my vehicle and I will definitely use them for any transmission issues in the future!”

Matt, thank you for bringing your Ford SUV into Ralph’s Transmission and we’re glad to hear you were able to work everything out with your dealership. We’re always here to help if you ever need us again!

For anyone in the Central Valley area experiencing transmission problems, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 to schedule a free transmission inspection, road test and diagnostics. Or, you can conveniently book your appointment online.

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