Steven drives a 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck with more than 120,000 miles on it. Recently, he visited Ralph’s Transmission because he thought he had a transmission problem. The truck was stopping and accelerating awkwardly and the dashboard lights would sometimes turn off. Steven brought his truck to our team for a professional transmission inspection, road test and diagnostics.

Our diagnostician found a Powertrain Module Control fault code and our technicians saw that the transmission fluid was discolored. A road test confirmed the performance issues that Steven was describing. However, after further inspection our team determined it was not a transmission problem. The transmission was overdue for service, but the major problems were likely coming from the engine itself or an electrical malfunction.

Steven went ahead and had Ralph’s Transmission complete a standard transmission service. We replaced the transmission fluid and transmission filter. We cleaned the pan and installed a new transmission pan gasket. This should resolve some of the shifting and slipping issues he was experiencing. However, the truck definitely needed more work to be done.

We referred Steven to a reputable local general auto repair shop to look at the engine and electronics. We specialize only in transmission repair and maintenance at Ralph’s Transmission. It’s what we do best. Thankfully, we’ve built great relationships with several other general automotive care and specialty repair shops throughout Modesto and the Central Valley. We’re always happy to offer a quality referral when there’s a problem beyond our normal scope of services. Steven was appreciative of our help, and it sounds like he was able to get his engine issues taken care of elsewhere.

“Outstanding business, very professional,” Steven says in his recent Google review. “For a transmission/auto repair shop, nothing compares to their customer service. Top-notch company. Thank you so much.”

Thank you, Steven, for trusting Ralph’s Transmission with your transmission inspection and service needs. If you ever have any other transmission or drivetrain issues, we’ll always be here to help!

For anyone in the Central Valley in need of transmission repair or drivetrain maintenance services, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your appointment online.

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