Mark first visited Ralph’s Transmission back in 2018 to have the transmission in his 2013 Ford Escape rebuilt. It had numerous internal problems, but our team did what they do best and got the transmission running like new again. One of the reasons Mark chose to come to Ralph’s Transmission is because of our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty on all transmission rebuilds.

About a week after his initial rebuild, Mark noticed something wasn’t right so he brought it back into our Modesto shop for a second look. Some adjustments needed to be made to the torque converter assembly. It was fixed and he was back on the road as soon as possible.

“Compared to other shops, price for rebuilt transmission was the lowest,” Mark says. “More important than that is the 3 year, 100,000 warranty on all parts and labor.”

The SUV ran great for a couple years before Mark started experiencing another problem. He could feel the gears slipping and he noticed a transmission fluid leak. He called Ralph’s Transmission because he knew it was still under the warranty. We had him bring his Escape in for our expert transmission technicians to take a look. We discovered that the source of the fluid leak was the cooler line O-ring. A bolt had become loose and that led to the leak. The leak was properly repaired and we replaced the synthetic automatic transmission fluid at no charge to Mark. We then road tested the vehicle to make sure everything was running right once again.

Mark was relieved that it was only a minor issue and still has confidence knowing his original transmission rebuild warranty at Ralph’s Transmission is still good for almost another full year.

“Very professional and friendly staff,” Mark adds. “Thank you for prompt service.”

Thank you, Mark, for putting your trust in Ralph’s Transmission and for letting us show you how we are committed to standing behind our work. Everything we do here at our shop is backed by a strong warranty because we want to make sure our customers feel that extra peace of mind.

If you are in the Central Valley area and are in need of transmission repairs—big or small—call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online. If you have questions about our warranty programs, please ask. Our customer service team will be happy to tell you anything you need to know.

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