A Ralph's technician works on a part that is separated from the vehicle.

A Ralph's technician works on a part that is separated from the vehicle.Jose was concerned when the transmission fluid started leaking in his 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty after towing a heavy load up a steep grade. The transmission seemed to be shifting decently, but he knew the leak was the sign of a major problem. The check engine light was also on, so Jose brought it to the Central Valley transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission for an expert diagnosis.

“Called them on Monday and was able to bring my truck in 30 min after I talked to them,” Jose says. “Erica was great. She took care of everything called me every step of the way to let me know what was going on, they made me feel real comfortable with doing business with them.”

Transmission diagnostics revealed several fault codes that were concerning. Even with the significant leak, the transmission fluid was still at a fairly normal level. However, it was dark and discolored, which is usually a sign of internal transmission damage. We recommended a full internal inspection, which requires the transmission to be pulled from the truck and disassembled to get a better look at the inside components.

The inspection revealed significant internal damage, including a failing torque converter, front pump bushing, reverse clutch steel, forward sun gear, reverse modulator valve and a number of other parts that needed to be replaced. The best recommendation when a transmission is in this kind of state is to perform a full custom transmission rebuild. For this process, our rebuild experts dismantle the transmission down to every single nut and bolt. All components that are still in good working order are thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced with new ones.

The transmission is fully rebuilt in the Ralph’s Transmission shop and then road tested to ensure that it is performing like new again. Then, of course, it is backed by our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty. Jose now has peace of mind that he is covered if he ever experiences additional transmission issues in his Super Duty.

“I didn’t have to shop around,” Jose adds. “I just felt good about leaving my truck with them (I don’t like leaving my truck anywhere). Just all around a great company and great service. They don’t waste your time.”

If you have a transmission problem in your car or truck, it’s important to get the issue properly diagnosed and repaired by transmission specialists. Call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or book your appointment online.

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