A Ralph's technician works on a part that is separated from the vehicle.Andrea and Jeremiah drive a 2013 Dodge Journey. It was experiencing some significant shifting issues, so they brought their SUV into Ralph’s Transmission for a free transmission inspection and professional diagnosis.

“Absolutely amazing customer service,” Andrea says. “The service team always kept us updated.”

The transmission diagnostics didn’t reveal any fault codes, but the external transmission inspection found that the transmission fluid was very discolored. A road test confirmed the same shifting issues that the customer was experiencing. The vehicle was having trouble engaging into forward gear, especially when running cold. A full internal inspection was recommended. For this, we remove the transmission from the vehicle and open it up to inspect all the internal components.

During the inspection, it was discovered that the transmission had high line pressure and the valve body was very worn. Other damaged components included the torque converter, solenoid block and multiple clutch pistons. The best recommendation was to have the transmission professionally rebuilt. All transmission rebuilds are performed at the Ralph’s Transmission facility by expert transmission rebuilders. This is what enables us to back the rebuilt transmission with our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty program.

“Our car runs better than ever and we have the peace of mind with their warranty,” Andrea adds. “Highly recommend this place—not only for their great work, but for their above and beyond customer service.”

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your feedback in an online review and for putting your trust in the Ralph’s Transmission team. If you ever experience any further issues, just remember it’s covered by the warranty!

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