Tom is the owner of Monaco Installations and Repair right here in Modesto, which specializes in appliance installation and repair services. When his primary service vehicle began experiencing major transmission problems, he knew it was time to get it resolved. This is what brought him to Ralph’s Transmission.

“Awesome people to do business with,” Tom says in his online review of Ralph’s. “As a small business owner myself, time is money. When the transmission on my Ford Box Truck went out, these people took the time to listen to my issues and to help me get back on the road in 1.5 days time.”

The truck had to be towed into our transmission repair shop because it was running so poorly. The technicians at Ralph’s Transmission performed a full external inspection of the transmission and ran diagnostics, which revealed multiple fault codes. We also found that the transmission was leaking from the front seal. There was very little transmission fluid left in the pan and what was there was very burnt and discolored. It was clear that there was something major wrong within the transmission, so an internal inspection was recommended.

“It was a huge job to remove the transmission on my box truck, but these guys handled it with ease,” Tom adds. “Also, they took the time to bring me back and show me the parts that were broken or worn out, and to go over the costs to repair.”

Ultimately, it was discovered that the torque converter clutch and bearing had failed completely, which did a lot of major damage within the transmission system. There was no choice but to recommend a full custom transmission rebuild. The truck’s transmission was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Good parts were cleaned and reinstalled while bad parts were replaced. When the work was done, the transmission was running like new again.

“They also repaired the rear engine oil seal on my V10 Triton engine, as well as replacing the cooling lines and installing a transmission cooler on my truck. With the 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty, I am back up and running even better than before. I HIGHLY recommend this shop for ANY and ALL transmission service!!! Highly knowledgeable and honest as it gets. This is my transmission guy from this going moving forward. Thanks guys!!! A+++++++++++”

Wow! An “A” rating with 11 plusses! Thanks Tom for your feedback and we are glad to hear that your Ralph’s Transmission service experience was so great. We are always here to help you with any transmission services you require for your business or personal needs.

If you are experiencing transmission problems or you are a local business interested in fleet account services with Ralph’s Transmission, call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule a service appointment online.