Ramona owns a 2006 GMC Canyon and noticed that it wasn’t running right in higher gears. Realizing it was likely a transmission problem, she did her research and decided to bring her truck into Ralph’s Transmission for an expert diagnosis and quality transmission repairs.

“Totally amazing,” Ramona says. “If I could give them a gazillion stars, I would. I highly, highly recommend Ralph’s Transmission.”

Once the Ralph’s Transmission technicians were able to run diagnostics and inspect Ramona’s transmission, they were able to see that both the 3rd and 4th gears were totally burned out. The cause was a failing torque converter and the internal damage was beyond just simple repairs. Our recommendation was to have a full custom transmission rebuild performed.

The transmission rebuild process is done entirely in-house by the rebuild specialists at Ralph’s Transmission. The transmission is completely disassembled so that it can be rebuilt from scratch. Any parts that are still in good shape are cleaned and reinstalled. Meanwhile, any damaged or worn parts are replaced with new ones. When the process is completed, the transmission will be running like new again. It is then installed back into the vehicle and road tested to make sure everything is working just right.

We stand behind all our transmission work here at Ralph’s Transmission and our transmission rebuilds are no exception. In fact, all transmission rebuilds performed in our shop are backed by an industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty. If there are ever any issues or complications with your rebuilt transmission, just bring it back to our Modesto shop and we’ll take care of it under the warranty program.

“Mario [Jauregui, owner] and his amazing staff will greet you with the upmost respect and integrity I have ever met met or experience in the business,” Ramona adds. “I’m very grateful and thankful for the way they serviced my truck. It’s running like a champ!”

Thank you, Ramona, for your review and “gazillion star” rating. We appreciate your business and we’re always here to help whenever you need us.

For anyone in the Central Valley in need of transmission repairs—big or small—Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto has you covered. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your next service appointment online.

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