Ralph's Transmission billboard "We Love Trucks."Mark drives a 2015 Chevy Silverado with just over 100,000 miles on it. He noticed that his truck was starting to shake uncomfortably at higher speeds. In addition, the engine’s RPM gauge was very inconsistent once he reached 55 MPH. Mark recently had his transmission serviced at another auto shop and they mentioned to him that the transmission pan had excessive material built up inside. With all the problems he was experiencing, he thought it was a good time to reach out to a Central Valley transmission specialist: Ralph’s Transmission.

We arranged for Mark’s truck to be towed from Atwater to our shop in Modesto. Then, our transmission technicians ran diagnostic tests and performed a thorough inspection. A road test confirmed the same high-speed issues Mark was experiencing. The transmission fluid was very discolored, which is a common sign of internal damage. Internal inspection of the transmission revealed that the torque converter was failing and several other parts were damaged.

The Ralph’s Transmission team recommended a full custom rebuild of the Chevrolet transmission. All failing components were replaced while healthy parts were professionally cleaned and reinstalled. Once the rebuilt transmission was back in the Silverado, a road test was performed to confirm that everything was working properly again. The truck ran like new and Mark had additional peace of mind thanks to our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

“The customer service of Ralph’s is far and beyond any other shop I have done business with,” Mark says. “After my first call they picked up my truck within a hour. Inspection and repair took only 3 days! I highly recommend Ralphs!”

Our technicians also found a number of worn seals throughout Mark’s drivetrain system. Additional repair recommendations included replacing the rear main engine seal, exhaust pipe seal, driveline boot clamp and transfer case input seal.

We were happy to get Mark and his truck safely back on the road. If you are experiencing any transmission trouble, turn to the transmission experts at Ralph’s Transmission. Contact us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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