The Ralph's Transmission shop.Gabe drives a 2006 Mazda3 and originally had his transmission rebuilt at Ralph’s Transmission in 2020. As with all our professional transmission rebuilds performed by our expert team, the service was backed by our industry-leading 3 year, 100,000 Mile Warranty program. We stand behind our work and always want to make sure customers like Gabe have extra peace of mind.

“Fixed the transmission quick and easy, and they stand behind their warranty they offer,” Gabe writes in his recent Google review. “They are an awesome transmission shop! Highly recommended.”

Gabe is grateful to have such a strong warranty on his car. Over the years, he has revisited our shop a few times to take care of some minor issues that have popped up. He had to have his transmission pan gasket and rear main engine seal replaced. We gladly took care of those services for free, even though the engine seal isn’t necessarily covered by transmission warranty. Gabe’s car had a bad fluid leak and we wanted to take care of it for him at no additional charge.

Just recently, Gabe came back to Ralph’s Transmission because he thought he might have a transmission problem. His check engine light was on and the RPMs were revving unusually high on the freeway. He was also having trouble accelerating after coming to a complete stop. These are all common signs of a potential transmission issues, so Gabe was smart to bring his vehicle into our shop. However, the initial inspection revealed it was likely an engine issue. There was a loud engine knock and the car was unsafe to drive. The transmission fluid was full and clean, which generally indicates a fairly healthy transmission.

Unfortunately, we don’t repair engines at Ralph’s Transmission (as the name would suggest), so we referred him to a reputable local general auto repair shop to inspect his engine and provide a more accurate diagnosis. If any transmission issues are later found, we will gladly take care of them under warranty. But for now, the engine is the primary concern to get Gabe safely back on the road in his trusty Mazda.

To learn more about the transmission rebuild process and our warranty program, contact Ralph’s Transmission today. Call us at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.