The Ralph's Transmission logo on the tin of their location.Kamilah was worried that she needed to replace the transmission in her car. It wasn’t running right and she was told by someone else that the transmission was likely the problem. Thankfully, she was referred to Ralph’s Transmission for a professional diagnosis.

“I took my car in for what I was told was a transmission issue,” Kamilah writes in her recent 5-star Google review. “I was referred to Ralph’s by a coworker, I had told my coworker that my car needed a new transmission. He asked if I knew about this place in Modesto who offers the best warranty when it comes to transmissions. I already had a scheduled an appointment to drop off my vehicle to another shop, but I decided to go to Ralph’s instated. I am very happy that I took my car to them. As other people on here have said, the ladies in the office are SUPER nice.”

After the transmission technicians at Ralph’s Transmission were able to complete a thorough inspection, run diagnostic tests and perform a road test, it turns out the transmission was not the actual problem. It was something else entirely. Thankfully for Kamilah, she did not need to replace or rebuild her transmission. However, we specialize only in transmission and drivetrain repairs.

“My vehicle was inspected, and it turns out it does NOT need a new transmission,” Kamilah adds. “I didn’t even think about asking if they could fix the problem, I picked up my car. While I was a the shop I asked if they could refer me to a mechanic/shop that would work on the issue? The ladies at the office did refer me to a shop, which I appreciate very much.”

We have a referral network with reputable Central Valley automotive shops who can handle both general and specialized repair/maintenance services. Our service team was able to match Kamilah up with a great local auto shop to handle her specific auto care needs.

“I mainly appreciate the honesty and professionalism of Ralph’s,” says Kamilah. “They saved me money, but also made me want to refer them to anyone needing their car service. Honestly, they could have charged me for a transmission, taken my money and I would have never known the truth. Thank you Ralph’s for your honesty. I would go back to you guys any time!”

No problem, Kamilah. We believe in giving our customers accurate information and honest guidance, no matter what kind of automotive problems they are dealing with. If you do ever have a transmission issue, we’ll be here to help!

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