The Ralph's Technician team standing in front of a corrugated tin wall with the logo.Jeremy & Sara own a 2017 Chevy Tahoe. They recently began noticing some serious transmission issues. The transmission was slipping between gears and there was an odd rattling noise. When Jeremy checked the transmission fluid, he saw that it smelled extremely burnt. He could tell there was a significant problem, so he wanted to get the vehicle inspected by a local transmission expert. He called around and ultimately decided to put his trust in Ralph’s Transmission.

“We had a few quotes that I felt were way over priced,” says Jeremy in his Yelp review. “I called Ralph’s. They sent a tow truck to my house and had my wife’s car towed to their shop for free to do diagnostics on it!!! After they completed their inspections, they called and gave me a cheapest case scenario and worst case scenario pricing. When I told them to move forward, they called me back and gave me an official quote which I thought was very reasonably priced.”

Upon initial inspection of the transmission, several concerns were detected by our technicians. A road test confirmed some of the performance issues that Jeremy & Sara were describing. We also inspected the transmission fluid. It looked clean, but definitely smelled burnt. We let Jeremy know that we would need to pull the transmission from the Tahoe for a full internal inspection, and he gave us the okay.

The internal inspection revealed significant damage, with the main problem being a failing torque converter. The torque converter is one of the most common issues in most automatic transmissions. Once it fails, it generally leads to all sorts of internal damage and the best recommendation at that point is to fully rebuild the transmission.

At Ralph’s Transmission, we perform all custom transmission rebuilds in-house. Our expert staff specializes in rebuilds, where we clean and reinstall all the healthy components while replacing any damaged/worn parts. The transmission is rebuilt from scratch to ensure it is running like new again. This detailed process is what allows us to offer our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

“They knew I was going out of town this weekend and were able to get my car repaired in a very timely manner,” adds Jeremy. “I am very happy with the services this company offers and I highly recommend them. I wouldn’t bother to shop around. These guys/girls will be your best option. Plus you can’t beat their 100,000 mile/3 year warranty. Also, Erika (Alcazar) at the front desk is who I dealt with and she is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She answers questions and goes in to detail about the repairs. Thank you guys!”

Thank you, Jeremy, for the wonderful review. We are happy to have helped you and Sara get safely back on the road in your Tahoe!

For all your Central Valley transmission repair and maintenance needs, turn to Ralph’s Transmission. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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