Ralph's Transmission billboard "We Love Trucks."Dennis drives a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500. He was driving up Altamont Pass when his truck lost speed and his RPMs quickly rose over 5,000. Since then, his truck would lose power any time he was driving over 15-20 miles per hour. Dennis knew something was wrong and brought it to the Central Valley transmission specialists for a professional inspection.

“The office staff was just wonderful, they gave me the correct information and walked me through the process,” Dennis says. “They would call and updated me. Full list of all parts and repairs that were done.”

Once our transmission technicians had Dennis’ truck in the shop, they found a severe fluid leak between the engine and transmission. The transmission fluid itself was very discolored and burnt. A road test confirmed the loss of power that the customer had described. Once the transmission was removed and dismantled for further internal inspection, several problems were found.

The 2-4 band was damaged beyond repair, along with the 3-4 clutch and 3rd clutch capsule. The failing capsule also turned out to be the primary source of the fluid leak. Additional issues were uncovered, including damage to the torque converter and multiple solenoids and valves. Our professional recommendation was a full custom rebuild of the transmission.

In many cases, rebuilding the transmission is a much better long-term solution than simply repairing or replacing a few damaged parts. A rebuild will get the transmission running like new again, which is what allows us to offer such a great warranty on this service (3 Years, 100,000 Miles). This helps your vehicle perform better while giving you more peace of mind that your transmission is fully covered in case there are any further complications down the road.

“Very pleasant experience,” Dennis adds. “I highly recommend Ralph’s Transmission.”

If you are experiencing transmission trouble in the Central Valley, follow Dennis’ advice and turn to Ralph’s Transmission for a free transmission inspection and professional repair recommendations. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or book your appointment online.