A technician explores the underbelly of a vehicle.Collin drives a 2016 Chevy Silverado with just under 100,000 miles on it. He recently began experiencing some transmission problems. The shifts between 1st and 2nd gear and between park and reverse were rough. The truck would also shudder violently when driving uphill. In addition, his check engine light came on.

Collin brought his truck to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for a free transmission inspection. The road test confirmed the shifting and shuddering issues he described and multiple powertrain fault codes came up during diagnostic testing. The transmission fluid level was full, but the fluid itself was discolored. Further inspection revealed a failed transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor. The repair recommendation was to replace that sensor and its damaged wiring harness, along with performing a standard transmission maintenance service to replace the transmission filter, fluid and pan gasket.

“I loved the diagnosis for FREE!” Collin says. “Technician found a service note to change wiring harness and all new transmission fluid. The price was a little steep I thought, but called other shops and Ralph’s Transmission was the most reasonable price. Great communication from the ladies at service desk. All-in-all great experience!”

In addition to addressing the Silverado’s transmission issues, there were some potential concerns with the engine. The Ralph’s Transmission team took care of the transmission repairs and maintenance, and then provided Collin with a referral to a reputable local general auto repair shop to take a look at the engine. We don’t handle engine repairs at Ralph’s Transmission, but we want to make sure our customers are in good hands if they go elsewhere for other automotive services.

If you are experiencing transmission trouble, bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission for a free initial transmission inspection. Call us today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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