Joe knew the transmission in his van was having problems and would eventually give out. And, that’s exactly what happened recently as he was driving to the Bay Area and noticed that his vehicle was struggling to accelerate. He could also smell burning transmission fluid. It was time to finally do something about his transmission. After doing some research online for the best transmission shops in the Central Valley, he came across Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto. Joe gave us a call and talked directly with owner, Mario Jauregui, about his transmission issues.

“Mario was the first person I spoke with and noticed he took his time to listen to my problems,” Joe writes in his recent Yelp review. “There were a few options and maybe a chance they can rebuild it, but I knew for sure I pushed my limits. Most shops would look into their calendar and maybe pencil me in 1 week or 2 weeks out just to see it. And, if it was a dealership they would say bring it in but will cost you $200-300 just for us to say you need a transmission and do nothing. Guess what? Not Ralph’s Transmission! Mario returned my call within 20 minutes giving good and bad news of what may happen before seeing my van.”

Joe ultimately decided to bring his van into the Ralph’s Transmission shop for a free transmission inspection and diagnostic testing. Major problems were found and the recommendation was for a full custom rebuild of the transmission. This involves breaking down the transmission piece by piece. Good parts are cleaned and reinstalled while bad parts are replaced with new ones. The transmission is rebuilt from scratch and reinstalled in the vehicle before road testing is performed to make sure everything is running right. This essentially ensures the transmission is like new, which is why we back every rebuild we do in-house with the Ralph’s Transmission 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

“I stayed in contact with Erika [Alcazar, Service Advisor],” Joe adds. “Erika was able to provide application for credit which really helped. The next day, Erika informed me about everything. Around 4pm, she announced my van is ready for pickup! Wow, 1 day? Well, I have to say my van runs great! The whole time I arrived until my last day, I have nothing negative to say. The ladies are awesome and the crew in the shop are hard at work! I will see you guys soon for regular maintenance on all my vehicles.”

Thank you Joe for sharing your story and putting our faith in Ralph’s Transmission. We’re glad everything worked out with your transmission rebuild and the special financing you needed for the repairs.

For anyone in the Central Valley in need of transmission repairs or maintenance services, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.