When Deryl accidentally ran over a huge pothole, he noticed immediately that it had messed something up in his car. In neutral, there wouldn’t be any strange noises, but when he changed gears or revved up, he noticed multiple problems. Unusual sounds, slipping gears and delayed reactions—Deryl knew enough to realize there was something really wrong with his transmission. Before long, his 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix had broken down completely.

Deryl called Ralph’s Transmission and they towed it to their Modesto shop at no charge. They performed an external inspection and uncovered several diagnostic fault codes. They found a leak in the right axle seal and saw that all the transmission fluid was completely burnt. Something was definitely broken inside the customer’s transmission.

Ralph’s Transmission then performed a full internal inspection and discovered that the final drive sun gear had completely exploded. Ultimately, the transmission had been damaged beyond a few simple repairs. A full custom rebuild was recommended. It was also determined that the rear main engine seal needed to be replaced.

From the beginning, Deryl was very impressed with the personal level of service provided by owner, Mario Jauregui, and the entire Ralph’s Transmission team. “I felt like I had known everyone for years,” he says. “It’s the best shop I’ve ever done business in.”

The experienced transmission rebuild experts at Ralph’s Transmission then took over. They took apart Deryl’s transmission, replaced bad or worn parts, cleaned everything up, and reconstructed it bolt by bolt. The like-new transmission was reinstalled in the automobile, and then it was thoroughly road tested to make sure everything was working properly.

Every rebuilt transmission from Ralph’s Transmission comes with an incredible 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty, so Deryl can rest easy that his transmission is performing as well as it can now that it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

“I didn’t mind paying a little more for my service since the shop as a whole was very clean, well organized and professional,” Deryl says. “Too bad other places don’t care as much as you do. Again, thank you and I will gladly recommend this shop to anyone that would want the same thing as I did: prompt, courteous service with a smile. Thank you.”

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