At Ralph’s Transmission, your transmission shop in Modesto, we specialize in all types of transmission repairs and services. However, what truly sets us apart are our transmission rebuilds. When major service is required, we dismantle, diagnose, repair, replace parts and handle every detail of the transmission rebuild process in-house. We have multiple transmission rebuild specialists on staff and they excel at what they do.

We recently had a customer named Isacc who came in to Ralph’s Transmission’s Modesto shop with some serious transmission troubles. After we ran full diagnostics and pulled the transmission from his car, we found significant problems. The owner of Ralph’s, Mario Jauregui, sits down personally with each and every customer to walk them through the repair process and costs involved. Mario sat down with Issac to explain the process, the flat-fee labor price for a transmission rebuild and what new parts were required. Speaking of, Ralph’s does not charge anything extra for parts. You pay the same discounted wholesale prices for any new parts that we do. Most shops will upcharge for parts in addition to their labor fees. At Ralph’s Transmission, you only pay the flat fee cost for labor and overhead. We like to keep it simple and clear for our customers!

Once Issac’s transmission was rebuilt and reinstalled in his car, we conducted thorough diagnostic tests and a personal drive test to make sure everything was working exactly as it should. And of course, ever transmission rebuilt at Ralph’s comes with an industry-best 3 Year, 100,000 Warranty. That’s because we stand behind our work.

Issac was impressed with the quick turnaround for such a major transmission service and felt good about his entire Ralph’s Transmission experience. “I’m very happy with Ralph’s Transmission,” he said. “The staff was very nice and professional. I like that Mario actually sits down with you in person to explain what needs to be done and how much it will cost. His prices are very good and comes with a warranty that is transferable! The job was also done fast. I would recommend Ralph’s Transmission to anyone who has any kind of transmission needs. If your out of town, believe me it’s worth the drive.”

If you have transmission issues, come to Ralph’s Transmission or request an appointment online and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. We believe in a commitment to quality and doing good work for great people like Issac is what keeps everyone on our team inspired to be our best every day.

The Ralph’s Transmission team is here to serve you!