Ralph’s Transmission is a busy shop. Any day you come in, you’ll see our transmission technicians hard at work—doing what they do best as expert mechanics with specialized transmission and drivetrain repair training. Yet, we always have time for new customers. We make sure and get your vehicle in the shop as quickly as possible for free diagnostics and an initial inspection. Once the problem has been identified and you authorize the repairs, our team gets to work and we do our best to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible with quality repairs backed by our strong warranty programs.

So, what are the most common transmission and drivetrain repair/maintenance services we provide at Ralph’s Transmission? Let’s take a look at some of what keeps our dedicated technicians so busy every day…

1. Standard Transmission Service

This is more of a preventative maintenance service that should be done periodically on every transmission (how often might vary based on manufacturer’s recommendations and personal driving habits). In many cases, our customers come in because they are noticing transmission issues. If caught early, sometimes a standard transmission service is all that is needed. It involves replacing the transmission fluid, cleaning the transmission pan, replacing the transmission filter and installing a new transmission pan gasket. If there is a transmission fluid leak or the transmission fluid is old or dirty, it will lead to major internal damage. That is why all vehicles require a transmission service every so often.

2. Full Custom Transmission Rebuild

Transmission rebuilds are our specialty at Ralph’s Transmission. Some general auto repair shops may send a damaged transmission out to be rebuilt or refurbished, or they may just recommend replacing it. We do all our transmission rebuilds in-house to ensure quality. All damaged components are replaced while all good parts are cleaned and reinstalled. Once completed and road tested, the transmission will essentially be running like new again. We stand behind every rebuild we perform with an industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty.

3. Internal Repairs and Parts Replacement

A full rebuild or transmission replacement isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, one or two damaged components can be replaced and minor repairs can be made within the transmission or drivetrain system. When your vehicle is inspected at Ralph’s Transmission, we will let you know exactly what is wrong and walk you through all of your repair options. That way, you can make informed decisions and we can focus on only the repairs that need to be made. We’re not in the business of upselling you on unnecessary repair services!

4. Torque Converter Repair and Replacement

In automatic transmission vehicles, the torque converter plays a huge role in shifting the gears and controlling the transmission. If it is damaged, it will inevitably lead to further transmission problems. From minor repairs to complete torque converter replacement, Ralph’s Transmission has you covered.

5. Differential Repair, Rebuild or Replacement

Today’s vehicles have complex differential systems that control the power that goes to each drive wheel of the vehicle. When you have differential damage, you can usually feel it and you will want to get it inspected right away. Ralph’s Transmission can rebuild, replace or repair differentials as needed.

6. Transfer Case Maintenance and Repair

Most vehicle owners have no clue what a transfer case is, and that’s why it’s nice to have a shop like Ralph’s Transmission around to help diagnose and repair this very important component that transfers power from the transmission to the rest of the drivetrain system.

7. Clutch Repair

In manual transmission trucks and other vehicles, the driver depends on the clutch system to shift from gear to gear. When it has problems, it needs to be repaired. You can always count on Ralph’s Transmission for quality clutch repairs.

8. Drivetrain Repairs

There are many different components that make up a vehicle’s drivetrain system that translates power from the engine through the transmission and ultimately out to the wheels. Ralph’s Transmission technicians are complete drivetrain experts trained to identify specific problems and perform specialized repairs/replacements of any damaged parts.

These are just some of the most common transmission and drivetrain repair and maintenance services that we provide daily at Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA. To learn more about our services or to schedule a vehicle inspection, call us today at 209.526.1909 or book your appointment online.

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