A Ralph's technician works on a part that is separated from the vehicle.Sometimes, standard maintenance or repairs will resolve transmission problems. In other cases, a bigger decision needs to be made. Should you replace your damaged transmission or have it rebuilt by a transmission rebuild specialist like Ralph’s Transmission? There are some specific benefits to understand when it comes to transmission rebuilds vs. other repair/replacement solutions.

Here are 4 of the reasons why you may want to consider a transmission rebuild:

1. Long-Term Solution

A transmission rebuild isn’t meant to be a temporary fix. Sometimes the internal transmission damage is so bad that replacing one or two failing parts will only resolve so much. Eventually, the transmission may fail again. A transmission rebuild ensures the transmission is running like new again. All damaged/worn parts are replaced. Everything else is professionally cleaned, reinstalled and tested to verify it is working properly.

2. Less Expensive Than a New Transmission

Replacing your transmission with a new one from the manufacturer is another good long-term solution. However, that is a very expensive option and getting a new transmission for an older vehicle can also be challenging. A transmission rebuild can restore the original performance of the transmission without having to completely replace the entire unit. It is not a cheap service, but it is generally much less expensive than buying and installing a brand new transmission. There are some instances when a transmission rebuild is not an option (often the case with CVT transmissions). It’s important to explore all your options.

3. Dependability

Another solution that may be presented to you is installing a used or refurbished transmission. This can definitely save you some money compared to a brand new one. However, you are taking some risks installing another transmission. Refurbished units will often come with some sort of warranty, so at least make sure you are getting something that has coverage. Still, your best solution may be to rebuild your original transmission if it can be repaired.

4. Ralph’s Warranty

We can’t speak for all transmission shops and rebuild services, but all transmission rebuilds performed at our Modesto shop are covered by our industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty. We stand behind our work and you will have more peace of mind. If you experience any problems related to your rebuilt transmission and the coverage provided, just bring your vehicle in and we will take care of the issue at no additional charge.

Does your transmission need to be rebuilt or is there another solution that is better for your vehicle and budget? Bring your vehicle into Ralph’s Transmission for a free initial inspection and diagnostic testing. We’ll figure out the source of the problem and recommend the best transmission repair, rebuild or replacement options. Call ahead at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service online.

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