Whether it’s your family car that you drive all around town or your daily driver you use to commute to work, you depend on your vehicle so much. It takes you from point A to point B, but it’s also just an important part of your life. When you are dealing with automotive problems—especially transmission trouble—it can really be disruptive to your routine. It’s something we all have to deal with, but it sure is easier when you have a local transmission shop that you can trust to help you with maintenance and repairs for your family car, truck or SUV.

In the Central Valley, that trustworthy transmission shop is Ralph’s Transmission in downtown Modesto.

When it comes to transmissions and drivetrains, we are committed to providing quality service with a friendly touch. We understand how important your daily vehicle is to you and your family. We’ve been serving local families liked yours since 1969 and are leaders in the industry. Whether you need minor maintenance (such as a standard transmission service) or major transmission repairs, the Ralph’s Transmission team is here to make the experience as stress-free as possible. We offer free towing to the shop and free shuttles so you can still get where you go while the vehicle is being worked on. In addition, Ralph’s Transmission provides free diagnostic testing and initial transmission inspections along with flexible financing options if you need them. We keep you and your family rolling without hassle, frustration or hefty costs.

Ralph’s Transmission was voted by Contentment Health & Lifestyle magazine readers as the “Best Mechanic” three years in a row. We have become known for our unwavering commitment to exceptional workmanship and stellar customer service. Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors choose Ralph’s Transmission time and time again. Put your trust in us and we promise service with a smile. Contact us today!