Rodney Eckerdt joined Ralph’s Transmission in 2016 and he is one of our leading Transmission Rebuild Specialists. Rebuilding transmissions is a major part of our shop’s activity, so Rodney and his fellow rebuild technicians serve a very important role.

When we rebuild a transmission at Ralph’s Transmission, it is completely rebuilt from the ground up. Every single component is dismantled. Parts that are still in good condition are professionally cleaned and reinstalled while any worn or faulty parts are replaced. The transmission is reconfigured one piece at a time. Once it is reinstalled in the vehicle, a thorough road test is performed to make sure it is running perfectly. A rebuilt transmission from Ralph’s essentially means it will run like new again, and that’s why we back it with an industry-leading 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty program.

Rodney brings more than 35 years of transmission rebuilding experience. His first interest in transmission repairs came in high school. For 2.5 years, he was enrolled in a Regional Occupation Program (ROP) transmission course at Beyer High School here in Modesto. From then on, he continued to hone his skills and pursue a full-time career as a transmission rebuilder. All these years later, Rodney is truly one of the best in the business and we’re proud to have him on the Ralph’s Transmission team.

Rodney is a Central Valley native who has lived and worked most of his life in Modesto. He was brought in as a transmission rebuild specialist for Ralph’s Transmission when Mario & Maria Jauregui bought the business. They knew how valuable he’d be to the shop with his experience.

“I like working at Ralph’s because there’s a low level of drama here,” Rodney says. “At this shop, we’re all committed to fixing the car right the first time.”

In his free time, Rodney enjoys staying active. He likes cycling, waterskiing and autocross. He is also very involved with his church.

We’re so happy to have Rodney Eckerdt as part of the Ralph’s Transmission family.