Larry had been dealing with problems on his 2005 Dodge Dakota for over a year. His dashboard warning lights kept coming on for various issues and he had to keep getting the fault codes checked. Some were just false alarms while others were real issues that needed repairs. Larry knew all along that eventually he’d have to deal with some lingering transmission concerns that he was putting off as long as he could. Then, his check engine light came on once again and he decided it was time to bring it to a Central Valley transmission specialist. That’s when he took his Dodge truck into Modesto’s own Ralph’s Transmission.

“I was led to Ralph’s by a friend,” Larry says. “By the middle of the next day I was back in pickup running as good as new.”

After Larry’s Dakota was inspected by the Ralph’s Transmission diagnostician and transmission technicians, they found the source of the transmission fault code. One of the solenoids was failing. The solenoids control the flow of transmission fluid throughout the automatic transmission system, so the transmission typically won’t run very well when one is damaged or failing and inconsistent fluid flow can lead to major internal damage if the faulty solenoid isn’t replaced.

Fortunately for Larry, we were able to install a new solenoid pack and perform a transmission service to replace the transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket. After road testing his truck, things seemed to be running well again. The check engine light was reset and did not come back on, so we were able to get Larry back on the road the very next day.

“The treatment to their customers is great,” Larry adds. “They make you feel like family.”

Thank you, Larry, for sharing your feedback and putting your faith in Ralph’s Transmission to address your ongoing transmission issue that was causing the check engine light to come on. If you ever experience any further complications or similar issues, we’ll always be here to help.

For anyone in Modesto or the surrounding Central Valley communities who is dealing with transmission problems or needs help diagnosing dashboard warning lights, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909. All initial transmission inspections and diagnostic tests are free, and we’ll even provide free towing if you live within 45 miles of the shop! Give us a call or use this convenient link to book your appointment online.

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