Julia was concerned that something was wrong with her Suzuki Kizashi. She was pretty sure it was a transmission issue because the gears were slipping and it wasn’t shifting right. Julia knew she needed to get a professional opinion, so she brought her car into Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto.

“Ralph’s Transmission is amazing!” Julia says. “From the moment I called them, they were helpful and professional. I spoke with Krista [Graham, Service Advisor] who helped me get my car in asap. Their shop is clean and in a great location. All of the staff is super helpful, professional and friendly.”

Once the vehicle was brought into our shop, our team did what they do best. Diagnostic testing was performed to look for fault codes and help determine specific issues to look at. Code P0721 came up, which is related to the Output Speed Sensor Performance in the Powertrain Control Module. Then, a complete external inspection was completed by our transmission specialists. When the transmission pan was removed, metal shavings were found and the transmission fluid was very discolored. These are both signs of major internal problems.

A road test also confirmed the same issues that Julia was experiencing when trying to drive the vehicle. The transmission kept locking up when going into forward or reverse gears. After all the details were looked at carefully, the Ralph’s Transmission team determined that Julia’s CVT transmission, unfortunately, was beyond repair and rebuilding it wasn’t even a good option. The only recommendation was to have the transmission replaced.

“Yvette [Ramirez, Service Advisor] got me checked in for my car’s inspection and called me a few hours later to sit down with Krista to go over the inspection reports and discuss our best options,” Julia adds. “Krista was great. She explained everything in detail. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They all put time into finding the best solution to get my car fixed and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you!”

At this point, Julia decided not to go ahead with the transmission replacement at Ralph’s Transmission, but she was able to get the proper diagnosis of her transmission problems without any charge from our shop. We always perform initial inspections for free. Then, we give you all the details and information you need to make your own repair decisions.

Julia, thank you for writing your review and we’re here to help if you ever decide to go ahead with your CVT transmission replacement. For anyone else out there in the Central Valley in need of transmission repairs or maintenance, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.