Last year, Rick visited Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto after experiencing some transmission problems in his 2011 Nissan Rogue. After his CVT transmission was inspected by our team of technicians, internal damage was found that was beyond repair. Whereas most standard transmissions can be rebuilt, some modern CVT transmissions just don’t give us that option. In Rick’s case, the transmission had to be replaced. Our team tracked down a remanufactured Nissan transmission and installed it in his vehicle.

“We love Mario [Jauregui, owner] and the entire team,” Rick says in his recent Google review.

Most recently, Rick visited our shop because his warranty was about to end. He wanted to have the transmission thoroughly inspected to make sure everything was running right before the replacement warranty expired. This is a very good idea for any vehicle owner to follow. Whenever you have a warranty about to run out, it’s worth getting things looked at one last time so any repairs can be made under warranty.

The Ralph’s Transmission team performed a complete external inspection of Rick’s transmission along with a full evaluation of the electronic controls. Though no issues were found with the transmission itself, a fault code did come up during the diagnostic testing process. It indicated that there may be an issue with the mass airflow system because the mass airflow sensor (MAF) had been tripped. That is not something we work on here at Ralph’s, so we let Rick know our findings and recommended another general auto repair in town where he could take his Nissan to deal with that specific issue.

Even if we can’t handle a non-transmission/drivetrain repair ourselves, we always do our best to educate our customers and guide them in the right direction. We have relationships with several reputable general repair shops in town, as well as other specialty repair shops, so we’ll gladly provide referrals as needed.

“Trustworthy and reliable. Fast and efficient. Friendly and thoughtful,” Rick adds. “What else can you ask for? Check them out today!”

Rick, thank you for sharing your feedback and putting your trust in Ralph’s Transmission to replace your transmission and perform this most recent automotive inspection.

If you live in the Central Valley and need a transmission repair shop that you can trust, turn to the team at Ralph’s Transmission in downtown Modesto. You can call us any time at 209.526.1909 or schedule your appointment online.

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