Valerie was concerned when the transmission died in her 2005 Ford Explorer, so she took it to a local auto repair shop for the diagnosis. They confirmed it needed major repairs, so she decided it was worth contacting a transmission repair expert. Valerie reached out to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto for help.

“My transmission recently went out,” Valerie writes in her recent Yelp review. “Ralph’s towed it for free from another shop to check it out. They determined it needed to be rebuilt.”

First, an external inspection of the transmission was performed along with diagnostic testing. A check of the transmission fluid showed that it was discolored and a leak was detected, as well. In these cases, a complete internal inspection is required. This means the transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle and taken apart by our technicians in order to identify the source and extent of any damage.

In Valerie’s Explorer, the torque converter turned out to be the culprit and its failure led to other significant damage within the transmission system. The final recommendation from the Ralph’s Transmission team was for a full custom transmission rebuild. The transmission was rebuilt from scratch, with each component cleaned or replaced as needed. Once the rebuilt transmission was reinstalled in the vehicle, a road test was performed to make sure it was running properly.

All rebuilt transmissions at Ralph’s Transmission are backed by the full 3 Year, 100,000 Warranty. The point of a rebuild is to get the transmission working like new again, so the warranty shows how much we stand behind our work.

“They kept me informed the entire time, and were so amazing,” Valerie adds “They were patient with me as I got the money together, even telling me I had more time than I wanted. Krista and Yvette were amazing! Thank you for everything!”

Valerie, thank you for sharing your review. We’ve been working hard to improve our presence on Yelp, so be sure to check out the Ralph’s Transmission Yelp page and share a review if you’ve visited our shop recently.

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