Ray owns a 2010 Jeep Liberty. Recently, he felt that the transmission was slipping and then it just started staying stuck in low gear. Also, the check engine light had come on. This isn’t the first issue he’s had with his SUV, so he was no stranger to the diagnostics and repair processes. Feeling it was a transmission-specific issue, he decided to turn to the transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto, CA.

“Me and my 2010 Jeep Liberty have been around the block, ‘so to speak’ and have been to various mechanics and repair shops,” Ray writes in his Yelp review. “Ralph’s Transmission’s employees are excellent and provide superior customer service. I will definitely be back. Mario [Jauregui, owner] is one of those rare people that still genuinely cares about his customers.”

Ray had already taken his Liberty to the Jeep dealership for an assessment of the damage, but he was frustrated with the service he received and the prices they were quoting him to replace the transmission. It just didn’t sound right to him, so he came to Ralph’s Transmission for a second opinion and to explore more transmission repair options.

“I first took my Jeep to the dealership and they wanted $150.00 for diagnostics and then $5000.00 minimum for a new transmission plus labor,” Ray adds. “Mario diagnosed it for free and then Erica called me for an appointment. Then, they went step by step through the process and made sure I truly understood the breakdown of charges and what the problem was.”

After our expert technicians inspected Ray’s vehicle and ran transmission diagnostics, it was determined that the torque converter had failed and that led to further damage within the transmission. Our recommendation was a full custom transmission rebuild. In this process, the transmission is completely rebuilt with any damaged parts being replaced. It is then road tested to ensure it is working properly. Then, it is backed by the Ralph’s Transmission 3 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty that shows we stand behind the quality and performance of our in-house transmission rebuilds.

“Not only did they save me over $2000.00, but they financed the charges on the repair of my transmission,” Ray concludes. “Thank you to everyone at Ralph’s Transmission for making my experience worth writing. You deserve an award for being such a honest place to take your vehicle. God bless you all and thank you for all you’ve done to get my Jeep repaired at a very reasonable price.”

Thank you, Ray, for sharing your story.

If you are in the Central Valley area and in need of transmission repairs on your truck, SUV or other vehicle, follow Ray’s advice and count on the transmission specialists at Ralph’s Transmission to get the job done right. You can rest assured all work is backed by warranty, and we also offer special financing programs if you need help paying for the repairs. Call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 or schedule your service appointment online.

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