Manuel and Carolina were having problems with their Chrysler Town & Country minivan. The transmission seemed to be slipping whenever they would get over 25 miles per hour. Their check engine light was on and they also noticed a fluid leak underneath their vehicle. Manuel and Carolina knew they needed expert transmission repair help, so they brought their minivan to Ralph’s Transmission in Modesto.

“I contacted Ralph’s due to issues I was having with my minivan,” says Manuel. “From first contact they were very courteous. They inspected my vehicle and contacted us in every step they made with the vehicle.”

Once a vehicle is in our shop, our technicians will perform several tests and inspections to uncover the problem at hand. First, we perform the Ralph’s Transmission Driveability Test to see if we can replicate the issues that the customer is having. Then, we run diagnostic tests to look for specific transmission fault codes in the computer. In this case, several concerning fault codes came up. Next, we put the vehicle up on the lift to check for transmission fluid leaks and perform a hands-on external inspection.

If necessary, we may need to recommend a full internal inspection of the transmission. Fortunately for Manuel and Carolina, this was not needed. The problems were easy to determine. A leak was found in the transmission cooler line. The transmission fluid level was dangerously low and the fluid itself was discolored.

The repair recommendations were to replace the failed transmission cooler lines and perform a standard transmission service to remove and clean the transmission pan, replace the transmission filter and pan gasket, and then refill the transmission fluid to the proper level. Once these services were performed, everything was checked and road tested again to make sure it was all back to normal.

“They let me know exactly what the problem was and the fees for parts and labor,” Manuel adds. “There were no surprise fees. I am very pleased with them and definitely would recommend. Five stars!”

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Manuel and Carolina. We’re glad to hear you are back on the road and the vehicle is running well again!

If you live in the Central Valley and are experiencing transmission problems, call Ralph’s Transmission today at 209.526.1909 for quality service with a friendly touch. You can also make an appointment online using our convenient service scheduler.