1. A man with soft, white gloves adjusts components in a vehicle.

    8 Common Sources of Transmission Problems

    We've posted numerous articles throughout the years about common transmission problems┬áthat drivers experience. Strange noises, weak acceleration, slipping gears, grinding gears, transmission fluid leaks and other symptoms are all signs that there may be a transmission issue in your vehicle. If you…Read More

  2. A selection of Ralph's technicians holding up various awards.

    Customer Appreciates Family Atmosphere at Ralph’s Transmission

    Kelli was experiencing transmission problems in her 2007 Chevy Impala. The vehicle would "jump" awkwardly upon acceleration and then lurch forward violently when coming to a stop. It was also struggling to accelerate when over 40 MPH. The jumping and lurching could be a problem with slipping gears, …Read More

  3. An outside look at a car part outside of the vehicle.

    5 Long-Term Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild

    As we've discussed a lot on the Ralph's Transmission Blog, there are many reasons why you might consider getting your damaged transmission rebuilt rather than replacing it or making smaller repairs. There are long-term benefits to a professionally done transmission rebuild. Here are a few to conside…Read More

  4. An image of the entire shop with raised cars.

    Past Customer’s Rebuilt Transmission Still Running Strong

    Jerry owns a 1997 GMC pickup truck that currently has more than 220,000 miles on it. It has been his trusty workhorse for many years. Jerry loves his truck and he takes good care of it. Recently, he visited Ralph's Transmission for some standard drivetrain maintenance services. He knew our shop was …Read More

  5. Christmas gifts

    Ralph’s Transmissions Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas!

    The entire team at Ralph's Transmission would like to take this opportunity wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This message goes out to our families, our neighbors, our clients and everyone in the Central Valley area who make this a wonderful place to call home. Getting Through…Read More

  6. An image of a drop plopping into water.

    5 Signs of a Clogged Transmission Filter

    A clogged transmission filter is a fairly common transmission problem that we see at Ralph's Transmission. The problem is that many drivers tend to ignore the warning signs and keep driving until it leads to much more significant (and expensive) transmission damage. At the first sign of any transmis…Read More

  7. Happy Thanksgiving greeting card

    It’s Time to Give Thanks!

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Even though Thanksgiving may not be quite the same this year for many Central Valley families, it's still a time to celebrate and give thanks for the good things we do have in life. Whether you are able to enjoy the holiday with your entire family or you …Read More