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    Recent Google Reviews of Ralph’s Transmission

    The times have certainly changed in the past couple months, but Ralph's Transmission is still here to serve the needs of Central Valley residents. If you have transmission problems or need standard transmission maintenance services on any vehicle, call us at 209.526.1909 for help. Right now, it is b…Read More

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    A Transmission Warranty You Can Count On

    In these uncertain times, we can all use a little extra peace of mind. At Ralph's Transmission, we understand that nobody who visits our Modesto shop is really that excited to get transmission repairs done. However, it is a necessity when you have transmission problems and you depend on your car, tr…Read More

  3. Ralph’s Transmission Saves Chevy Truck Owner $3,000 in Repairs

    Garold was worried about his 2015 Chevy Silverado. The transmission was slipping badly and the truck felt like it was "chugging" awkwardly whenever he was at a stop or driving at a slow speed. He definitely knew something was wrong with the transmission, so he contacted Ralph's Transmission in Modes…Read More

  4. Ralph’s Transmission is Back Open for Business!

    2020 has been unusual, to say the least. COVID-19 has not only affected public health concerns around the world, but it has been extremely tough on so many businesses. As a small, family owned business, Ralph's Transmission has faced its own challenges in the past couple months and we've been forced…Read More

  5. Ralph’s Transmission is Here to Help

    People are dealing with so much right now as we band together to fight and do our part to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Ralph's Transmission is here to help our customers throughout the Central Valley with their transmission needs. Essential Services Despite many people staying…Read More

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    Coronavirus Safety Measures Being Taken at Ralph’s Transmission

    COVID-19 (coronavirus) has affected the daily lives of everyone in the world. As local business owners, it is our responsibility to do our part to help minimize the spread of this highly infectious virus. We’re already seeing strict containment measures being taken in the Bay Area and it may not b…Read More

  7. Ralph’s Transmission Helps Out Local Chevy Tahoe Owner

    Robert owns a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with more than 180,000 miles on it. Recently, he began experiencing transmission issues. The SUV would slip out of gear when in 3rd and then stick when in 4th. It also wasn't running well in reverse. Robert knew he needed to get it looked at by a Central Valley tra…Read More

  8. A Central Valley Legacy for 51 Years and Counting

    This year, Ralph's Transmission will be celebrating our 51st Anniversary! Our little shop on 9th Street in downtown Modesto opened way back in 1969, and it is going stronger than ever today. Not many small, family-owned businesses last as long as we have, so we're proud to have built such a great hi…Read More