I want to thank Ralph transmission and the front desk staff. For the return of my vehicle within 24 hour. And very surprised on how fast the work was done I am a returning customer and I will continue to come back for there great customer service.One more thing I was told that I needed transmission flush and filter so I passed on that offer because I cannot afford that extra cost . When I pick up my vehicle Ralph transmission went ahead and did the extra work filter and transmission flush at no extra charge .I am very thankful for that because they're about customer service .

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/17/2017

I talked, they listened, then they talked... Impressed, l gave away my keys. They diagnose my concerns. 24hrs later I go back, I listen, color me impressed again. Very thurough. I commit and sign, they fix it in 24 hours, I pay, transaction complete....a full trans rebuild and they knew the upgrades needed for original poor factory design..BAM! fixed and upgraded within 48 hours of driving up to their front door. I drove away feeling like I just made a new friend who fixes transmissions and has no problem fixing them when I need a hand. If you want your transmission problems to just... go away, sign the paper and poof...24 hrs later... They have. The trans is shifting solid, truck feels like a truck again...and the worry is poof...gone.This was my experience. 5 star service without a doubt. Turn around time was remarkable. 100% faith I have 5 star trans rebuild to boot. No worries here, I found my transmission guys, would recommend.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/16/2017

Honest! Didn't try to tell me that my car needed repairs that weren't true. Got my car fixed for 150$ and it runs like a champ now. So happy with Ralph's transmission shop

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/16/2017

This place is amazing. Just got my 2012 Ford Focus fixed, transmission was out. Krista helped me the most and she had the best customer service I've ever seen. She helped me through every step. I'd definitely recommend this shop.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/15/2017

very professional and felt like i was in a buddy garage just chatting and not a number

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/15/2017

was very happy with their service, my cars clutch cables snapped late in the afternoon and they got me in quickly and the next morning they called with the diagnosis of what was wrong and the game plan to fix it. They did have to order the new cables but they said that they would have those in the next morning. Next day got a call in the afternoon saying the car was ready. when I came in to get it they recognized me and got me in and out quickly.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/9/2017

Great place to do business. Fast, Friendly, very knowledgeable; Diagnosed my issue after testing and saved me substantial money. Provided me with a ride home for free. Truck runs like a champ now. I would highly recommend Ralph's to anyone with transmission issues.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/8/2017

They have a great staff over there! Very helpful and get the work done in short time and with quality.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/3/2017

Great service and straightforward. Good job

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/2/2017

Highly recommend Ralph's Transmission! These folks go above and beyond when it comes to your vehicle needs. Outstanding service and top notch customer service!

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 9/2/2017