As a new customer with an older F150 in good condition, I was not deceived or lied to in regard to several service questions about my transmission. It was serviced, tested and road tested I believe and am quite pleased that this was done with a reasonable rate with the ability to do this on short notice and prompt follow up when when work was completed. The front desk personnel are friendly and knowledgeable. There is no doubt I would return for further service and recommend them to all Valley residents, not just locals.

4.5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/26/2017

came in because they were closest when we had an issue. They treated us like we were the only customer they had. Super customer service. When it lookled like we migh have to be there overnight they offered to let us leave out trailer at their home. It turned out we didn't need any transmission work. Even then they offered us coffee and use of their restrooms while we waited for a tow.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/25/2017

I had been having trouble with my truck for several weeks.I was very apprehensive having it looked at because I just knew I needed a new transmission and it was going to cost me a pretty Penney. I called Ralphs transmission and from the beginning of our conversation it was a very pleasant experience. They came to where I was and towed my truck to the shop.After running tests and taking my truck for a drive I received the call. I was expecting to hear bad news with a large dollar amount attached.To my pleasant surprise it was not my transmission I just needed a good tune up.They recommended a shop and it goes in Wednesday. Thank you so much.Every person that I spoke to was very pleasant and helpful. I would recommend Ralphs transmission to all my family and friends

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/24/2017

Good honest people.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/24/2017

Very pleasent staff. the office girls are very professional. They keep you abreast of what is happening and always get you ok before starting. they explain the process completely and make sure you under stand what is going to happen. Before you pick up your vehicle it is compleetely inspected and made sure it is ready for the road.

4.5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/22/2017

I recently took my 2003 Buick LeSabre into Ralph's after having a couple other shops look at it. And Ralph's was the ONLY shop that didn't charge for the diagnosis. The same diagnosis from all 3, rebuild the tranny. Oh no! Well, Mario and his crew did an exceptional job and the turnaround was incredible (just 2 days)! Sure there are cheaper shops in town, but in my experience as a prior business owner, you get what you pay for. And you can't beat the 3 year/100 thousand mile warranty on the everything inside the transmission! Now that's somebody who stands behind their work. If I ever need trans work on another car, I'll be heading back here! And I'll be telling all my friends to go to Ralph's as well. Happy motoring!

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/20/2017

Thank you Ralph's Transmission for getting my car in and out so quickly. They were able to change the transmission fluid in my car in hours. The price for the service was very reasonable. Great service and the ladies at the front desk were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/20/2017

Great customer service and very knowledgeable

4 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/19/2017

I cannot say enough good things about this business and their employees. I thought I was going to put in a transmission at about $3000. or more, and it was great news just needed a separate trans cooler. They towed my car from Valley Springs at no cost, to save me from driving it. Their ladies on the phone are impeccable! When we walked in to pick up my van (two days later) we were greeted with smiles and a handshake. In this day and age to find a business with such wonderful customer service is rare, they obviously know how to keep a business going. I would recommend highly to anyone!!

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/14/2017

We recently had work done on our 300zx and were pleased with both the work that was done and the pleasant staff.

5 Ralph’s Transmission & Auto Repair 7/9/2017